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The Trinity Cross is a beautiful symbol of faith for oneself or as a special gift for a loved one.   All Trinity  Cross pendants come with a choice of sterling silver chain. 

The  elegant,  geometric  design of  this  sterling  silver  cross is  inspired  by  the Holy Trinity and expresses it from every angle.  The spiritual message embodied in the Trinity Cross is belief in the love and compassion of Christ’s atonement and His promise of Eternal Life.

We are pleased to announce that the Trinity Cross won the 2012 Jewelers' Choice International Design Award for Inspirational Jewelry.

The unique Trinity Cross is composed of eight triangles.  The front view is a triangle that is wide at the bottom and thin at the top.  The side view is a triangle that is thin at the bottom and wide at the top.  The design can be seen as the pointing to and the meeting of two directions: God's divine love for humanity and humanity's love for God. 

Notes on the Cross from Antiquity to the Present Day

The cross is a profound religious icon with ancient, Pre-Christian  beginnings.  Egyptian priests carried the Ankh "Tree of Life," or crux ansata, a cross adopted by the Early Christian Coptic Church.  True crosses have been found in Bronze Age cultures, such as the Mycenaean civilization of ancient Greece and the Minoans of Crete.  Over the centuries the cross has taken various forms, and expressed a wide variety of spiritual and rich cultural traditions, from the Catholic Crucifix with its image of Christ; the Celtic Cross which combines a circle with the Latin Cross; the Greek Cross, the Gothic Cross; the Hand Cross, with its representation of the Ark of the Covenant at its base, and the Maltese Cross, along with many, many others.