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Bible Fun Quiz 1

The Teachings of Christ: The Kingdom of Heaven

The Kingdom of Heaven, or as it is sometimes called, the Kingdom of God, is at the very core of the Christ's teachings. New Testament references to the Kingdom of Heaven may be found especially throughout the Gospels, in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Since Jesus only alluded to the nature of the Kingdom of Heaven in parables, its details are a mystery, and in theological circles, often controversial.

The spiritual essence of the Kingdom of Heaven is that its citizens are those who have chosen Christ as their Savior and through their faith will experience Eternal Life, as described in the New Testament.

1. Jesus taught that we must be born of water and The Spirit to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
2. Jesus said that it is easier for people of wealth to enter the Kingdom.
3. Which of these most closely reflect Christ's description of the Kingdom of Heaven?
4. Jesus said that only those who have the humility of a child, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
5. Jesus compared the separation of those who would enter the Kingdom of Heaven from those who would not be saved to which of these?
6. Jesus taught that to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we must do the work of God and that is to do His will.
7. Which of these did Jesus use as a metaphor, to compare the Kingdom of Heaven to?
8. According to Jesus, many will be chosen to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
9. In the Parable of the Unmerciful Servant Matthew 18:23-25, Jesus told the story of an indentured servant who was deeply in debt to his master, and owed him more money than he would ever be able to pay. The master took pity on his servant and dismissed his debt. However, when another man owed this same servant a debt, the servant had the man thrown into prison. What moral does this parable illustrate?
10. Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven is among you.