Los Angeles-based jewelry designer and sculptor Charles Sherman has studied ancient civilizations, world cultures and religions, and sacred geometry. His philosophy of life and art are the same: to promote the positive. This is reflected in both his sculpture and symbolic jewelry. Since 2002, he has investigated sculptural forms that express the concept of infinity, especially the three-dimensional Mobius ring. He has interpreted the infinity ring form in diverse materials, including bronze, ceramic, glass mosaic, aluminum, Lucite, and stainless steel. Beginning in 2006, he began to create sculptures in miniature, jewelry designs in silver and gold. His many interpretations of the infinity ring form and symbolic jewelry designs are sculptures to wear that evoke spiritual concepts, such as love, faith, abundance, harmony, and serenity.

Awards and Recognition

Selected as one of Ten New Designers by Jewelers of America to debut at the JA New York Summer Show

First Place, Inspirational Design, Trinity Cross pendant, JCK Jeweler’s Choice Award

Charles Sherman on Art: Art is a Verb

The essence of art is that it is a verb. It’s a creative collaboration by what I call The Holy Trinity: the Artist, the Medium, and Divine Energy. All three must be present or the art is without life. Each of the three has its own direction and distinctive character, yet they come together in the creation of a single work of sculpture or jewelry.

Beautiful jewelry, like beautiful art, is the result of good design, materials, and craftsmanship. My creative process involves designing and then constructing simple, yet elegant forms. It’s an act of love; the art and beauty that I discover while creating something new are byproducts of the process, not the goal. Sometimes I’m inspired by a design concept and methodically plan its form using an intuitive form of mathematics called sacred geometry. I also discover forms that have a simple beauty when I meditate.

I find great joy in all moments of intense creativity. In both my life and artistic expression my aspiration is the same: to become the best artist I can be, and the best human being I can be. I seek deep levels of truth and have no fear of the unknown. I always take on obstacles, challenges, and mysteries with excitement and enthusiasm. As I balance and center a new design, I am balancing and centering myself. I love designing jewelry, especially pendants that are worn near the heart. To create with passion is my prime directive, and I feel this passion when creating a new infinity design, a sculpture to wear.

Photo: Joy Krauthammer © 2015